Moleskin for Blister Care and Prevention

Moleskin for Blister Care and Prevention

I’m surprised how many people I talk to that don’t know the benefits of moleskin. So, I’m going to break down what moleskin is, and how to use it for blister care and prevention here.

What is Moleskin?

Moleskin actually refers to a type of fabric, but I’m talking specifically about self-adhesive moleskin that’s sold for first aid kits, foot products, etc. You can usually find it in any drug store near any other foot treatments. It’s a soft, yet durable fabric that prevents friction, and the blisters that come with that friction.

Blister Prevention

If you have an area that usually develops blisters, like the heel of your foot, you can stick a strip of moleskin on there before beginning your hike/run/walk/etc. The friction from your shoe moving is now transferred to the moleskin instead of your own skin, and therefore prevents blisters from developing. I’m sure you can see how this would be beneficial for backpackers, hikers, runners, and all kinds of athletes.

Blister Care

So, what do you do if  you already have a blister? Take a strip of moleskin that’s a couple inches bigger than your blister on all sides. Then you cut a hole in the middle of the moleskin about the same size as your blister. Apply the moleskin to the affected area with the blister in the hole you cut. The thickness of the moleskin helps protect the blister from more friction, even though the moleskin isn’t applied directly to the blister itself. Multiple companies make extra-thick, and even padded moleskin that works best for this purpose.

I keep a few strips of moleskin in my little medical kit that I take on backpacking trips just in case I need it, and I recommend you do the same. Once you get some nasty blisters and you’re 20 miles from civilization, you’re going to wish you had some with you.

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