Island Camping in Florida

Island Camping in Florida

Have you ever dreamt of having your own private island? For most people, this will never happen. You can, however, experience the solitude and tranquility of having your own little island paradise. The Florida Keys alone consist of over 1,700 islands. Most of which are small and uninhabited. The state of Florida actually claims to have over 4,500 islands that are over ten acres in size, as well. That’s a lot of opportunity for finding your own little piece of paradise for a weekend adventure.

Florida Islands Satellite View

Some people might not be able to see everything that an undeveloped island has to offer, but for me they are endless fountains of adventure. An untouched island can be fun to hike and explore, provide the most secluded beaches you will find anywhere, offer a base for all of your watersport activities, become a free backcountry camp site, and so on. For others, they might be a serene place to find there inner zen.

Most of the uninhabited islands in Florida don’t have any roads to access them, which adds to their elusiveness and gives it a greater sense of sequestration. Getting to these hidden gems in the ocean is part of the adventure, and how you do it helps to define your experience. A sea kayaker can grab their tent and spend a weekend camping on the beach of a deserted island oasis. Somebody with a sail boat or cabin cruiser can anchor off the shore of and island to enjoy it by day, and bunk up in their boat at night.

I guess it comes down to how adventurous you are, and if you are comfortable with nature and the outdoors. If you are an indoor person that can’t live without modern luxuries, you might not enjoy island camping – unless you bring your own yacht along. But if you are at one with nature and love a good adventure, these islands can provide you with your very own piece of paradise.

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