Top 10 Dream Dives

Top 10 Dream Dives

I love scuba diving and I love traveling the world. The world is an awesome place and I want to see it all, both above and beneath the water. I have dove lots different places from wrecks in Lake Superior to the warm waters of Aruba, and all kinds of places in between. To some people this is an expansive area, and to others… it’s just scratching the surface. I tend to lean towards the latter. I feel fortunate that I have been able to visit and dive the areas that I have, but I am eager to explore new areas.

Below is my top 10 dream dives! It’s basically a “bucket list” dive travel destinations that I personally want to visit.

1. Sipadan Island, Malaysia – Sipadan in consistently ranked among the top dive destinations in the world. I want to see why for myself!

2. Fiji – Ever since I’ve started diving I’ve thought that Fiji would be a great destination to do a live-aboard. There’s tons of great dive sites spread out among the thousands of islands which make up Fiji. What better way to see them then a live-aboard!

3. Great Barrier Reef, Australia – It’s the largest reef in the world! It has to be on my list for that fact alone.

4. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador – Did you know that the iguana’s in the Galapagos dive underwater to feed on the reef? How about that there’s a species of penguin that’s endemic to the islands? There are two major ocean currents that meet in the Galapagos creating this magical place that’s teaming with marine life. The Galapagos are truly unique!

5. Maldives – Drift diving at it’s best on the Indian Monsoon Current. There’s tons of colorful reefs surrounding the thousands of islands, which are teaming with marine life from ranging from eagle rays to whale sharks.

6. Antarctica – Yeah, it’s REALLY dang cold! And honestly… I’m REALLY not a fan of cold! However, after seeing some absolutely amazing images and video from under the ice… it’s on my list. There is no other place like this in anywhere! And, you get to witness the underwater side of “Happy Feet” first hand!

7. Truk Lagoon – This is another scuba diving destination that’s know for it’s wreck diving, and is home to the “Ghost Fleet of Truk Lagoon”.  There are over sixty WWII wrecks here, plenty to keep a person entertained for a long, long time!

8. Bikini Atoll – Wrecks! Once a nuclear bomb testing ground for the US, now the grave yard for all of the wrecks they blew up. There are wrecks ranging from aircraft carriers to submarines. I haven’t found a better place in the world for wreck diving.

9. The Red Sea, Egypt – Visibility of to 230 feet, tons of fish, wrecks, beautiful coral, sheltered reefs, towers, pinnacles, walls, and coral gardens make the Red Sea a the fabulous dive destination that it’s made out to be!

10. Gansbaai, South Africa – Sharks! South Africa is a shark diving Mecca! The whales, sea lions, and penguins are just a bonus!

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