Make Your World More Adventurous, Go Hitchhiking!

Make Your World More Adventurous, Go Hitchhiking!

Travelling is the most exciting thing that could ever exist. New places, new people, new emotions, and new knowledge… However, most people got used to travel in a common way – the planned in advance travelling by bus, by train, by plane. Yet, not each one of us is so adventurous so that to travel hitchhiking.

Yet, so many impressions and emotions are experienced while travelling this way. Why not take your friend and move to the adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life? You will have enough time to sit at your work place in your office. Movement is all you need!

Let’s take a route from the most romantic and fashionable city in this world to the city of the Queen. Paris-London is not a bad pair for your marvelous vacation. If you have made up your mind to follow this route, then you have to know that it is quite difficult, to hitch out of the city as the ring highway is too small for that. So, here are some tips for you how to hitch out of the city. Pont de Sevres is the best way for you to overcome the distance of 25 km in a relatively short term, with no considerable outlay, as this way is not an expensive one, just as the underground ticket price.

Hitching out from Péage de Saint-Arnoult will also cost you the price of a metro ticket, providing you with the entry into the Paris underground network. Your destination is Dourdan, and when you have reached it, you have to go about 4-5 km in order to get to the motor way, and try to catch your first car. The French are friendly, and they will not pass you by if they watch you walking. This is the best way of hitching out of the country than any other way.

Chartres is the destination where you may get to using several kinds of transport, and what is important, you will have to walk for about an hour to get to the motor way. It will be a good way for you to prepare for the further hitchhiking on the motor way. Nevertheless, if you choose this route to hitch out of the country, you will have to remember the way you will lead, as it is a difficult one, with many turns and windings. You will have to come to the service station, what is situated quite far from the motor way. So, be patient, as the world of beauty and enjoyment is ahead of you!

Massy Palaiseau is the other way for your hitching out of Paris. This way is also not expensive, and from that spot you may choose whether a bus, or go along the motor way with a big amount of cars that may lead you to the place of your destination. The most interesting and thrilling part of the hitchhiking travelling is, of course, the process of hitchhiking itself. Stop various cars, talk to many people who are very kind as to lift you up to the next level of your travel.

Do not be afraid of taking a risk and change your life! Try to do it starting with hitchhiking. You will get a lot of pleasure, and the world of new emotions and impressions will be at your feet.

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