Author: Greg Kjono

Top 10 Dream Dives

I love scuba diving and I love traveling the world. The world is an awesome place and I want to see it all, both above and beneath the water. I have dove lots different places from wrecks in Lake Superior to the warm waters of Aruba, and all kinds of places in between. To some people

Florida Islands Satellite View

Island Camping in Florida

Have you ever dreamt of having your own private island? For most people, this will never happen. Island camping allows you to experience the solitude and tranquility of having your own little island paradise.

Upper Grizzly Bear Creek Trail

Moleskin for Blister Care and Prevention

I’m surprised how many people I talk to that don’t know the benefits of moleskin. So, I’m going to break down what moleskin is, and how to use it for blister care and prevention here. What is Moleskin? Moleskin actually refers to a type of fabric, but I’m talking specifically about self-adhesive moleskin that’s sold

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