Become a Guest Author

Become a Guest Author

Are you interested in writing an article for ActivePursuits.Net as a guest author? We would love to have your contribution on our site! Please, continue reading below to find out how.


The article needs to be on-topic for this site. If the article doesn’t fit, it will not be approved to be published.

The post needs to be unique, and original to you. If you didn’t write it, we don’t want it. If it has been published anywhere else, online or in print, we can’t use it.

We don’t want any hateful, hurtful, or offensive posts. If you have issues, see a shrink. We don’t need them aired here.

We do not accept all article submissions, and we offer no guarantees that your article will be published. We reserve the right to reject any submission, or request that you make changes so that it will fit better with our site.

What you get out of it

You will get a short author bio box at the bottom of your article. It can have a personal bio, links to you website, blog, and/or social media profiles. A sample author box is below.

Meet the author: Greg Kjono (10 Posts)

Completely obsessed with adventure sports and travel, I founded to share my experiences with the world. Want to find out more about me? Check out my links below!

This not only gives you credit for your work, but it helps with your search engine ranking, and helps drive traffic to your website or blog.

Prestige. After your post has been published, you can add it to your professional portfolio of writing projects and/or your resume.

We don’t pay for any submissions, sorry.

How to get started

  1. 1. Register on ActivePursuits.Net with the “contributor” role.
  2. 2. Complete your profile information.
  3. 3. Write your post.
  4. 4. Submit your post for review.

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